Tuesday, January 26, 2016

To never miss a sunset

Time stops still, while the sun sets every evening. I try my best to catch each and every single one of them. I am acutely aware of how little time we have, and increasingly I am reminded the finite number of sunsets in my life are constantly missed by the daily chores after work. So. I try to sit on the balcony and take in the colors of the sky, as they fade. One sunset, never the same from another. 

That is breath taking. We don't need to climb mountains or fly to exotic lands to look up at the sky every evening. This is the beauty of it all. 

Each and every  evening as I gaze west, the parking lot below in the apartment complex disappears.
Over the hill tops on the horizon , as I sip my chocolate laden milk tea (knowing the cholestrol that is going in to my system), not caring I am missing a visit to the gym and making mental notes to figure out a better schedule that includes this moment in my day, I take it all in. 

As the fading lights, dancing hues glow and fade and the twinkling lights of stars come up, the descending airplanes also appear in the sky. I think of satellites, of shooting stars and the steady blinking of the descending flights...

On cue, like clockwork, the darkness sets in. The best time of the day, as it comes to an end. It is a gentle reminder, as the night begins. In these moments, I am grateful to be alive. To breath. To be healthy. For the opportunities and priviledges life affords. I yearn to be good, to be productive, to have meaning. 
I look forward to the next day, to the sunset again, and I hope life can always be this carefree. 

I hope I never miss a sunset in my life, or the beauty of the moon, through branches of trees... 

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