Monday, November 11, 2013

Deltiology - Postcard love

The magic of postcards. Who can deny it? The multifaceted benefits of this art,  and yes,  it is certainly an art, are oh so many.

When you're travelling,  or just in your usual habitat,  what other best way to:

1) send a quick "hello,  I am thinking of you" to loved ones

2) tell people where you are and maybe even send one to yourself,  as a souvenir!

3) explore a new city and get a feel for a country or town by dropping in to a post office and having a chat with the postal employees.

4) remember the awesomeness of the fact a small little card can travel great distances in a couple of days. Physically I mean. Not electronically,  in an instant -  that my handwriting with my very own fingerprints on it can pass from hand to hand and finally end up in the hands of loved one :-)

5) show the love. Others have said it is romantic too, how true!

So,  don't be shy. Embrace it. Tell people you are thinking of them.

A quick wiki search tells me the colourful history and origins of the postcard,  plus there are two kinds. The ones that you stick a stamp on (postcard),  and the others that come with the stamp printed on already (postal cards). Also,  there are plenty of sites nowadays that allow designing our own postcards using our own pictures,  which I intend to try one of these days.

*Deltiology -  the study and collecting of postcards
Stoked to find this patiently sitting in the mailbox for me, finally! Love xoxo