Monday, January 25, 2016

Confessions to the blog-o-sphere

I wish I could learn oh, so many things. As I get older, I realize my time is short. Besides, having to make a living really cuts in to my free time. Plus, studying never seems to end, either. I know, personal goals and the cultural brain washing we have been through, that pushes us to gain an 'education' not knowing what that really means in terms of income and returns in the long run. Anyway. I digress. 

I suppose at this point, I will always be a life long learner of some thing or the other, and the following list, at this point has been a constant so far :

1) Learning chess - I must join a chess club. My personality does not allow me to be a good chess player. I am too impatient. I also find that I am too lazy to learn the strategies, so I remain a mediocre wanna be forever. I should find a chess club. 

2) Knitting and crochet - Something I learned from my grandmother. I have grand notions of sending scarves and new born baby gifts to everyone I know, to dazzle everyone with my knitting skills. But so far, I have no succeeded. Maybe if I tried harder to learn how to read patterns. 

3) Baking bread, cakes and desserts - Last year, I took a cake decorating class and felt very sophisticated doing it. Unfortunately, it was so messy and the cleaning up after was such a chore, I am yet to use the tools I purchased to assist me with this hobby. I do continue to bake the same things over and over, but alas. I have not been as creative as I know I have the potential in me to be! 

4) Playing the guitar, ukulele, flute, mouth organ and piano - Ah yes, the inability to master written music. I wish I had done more piano as a kid, I know my poor parents tried. Reading music, you realize as you grow older, is a gift. The fortune of being able to understand some 

5) Reading books

I feel like I could do these things, if I managed my time better. TV shows have tended to be the biggest waste of time, slowly fading away. I've been trying to blog more, and hopefully this will keep me motivated to report back to the blog-o-sohere. Goodreads helps. I want to read more sinhala literature too, I know I didn't read enough. 

6) Learn Languages, specifically Tamil, Spanish & Arabic and perfect the English language writing - With duolingo and other online applications, I have been able to work on the basics. However, got a long ways to go. 

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