Sunday, January 24, 2016

Thoughts about Random Books

It's been a while since I jotted down anything that felt like nothing. Inspirations come and go. Funny how they are fleeting. Like a feather in the wind. Once past,  it is lost forever. What ever inspired a thought and torrent of words,  never return. Disappear in to the air,  just like where ever it came.

I started writing that a while ago, and then it just stayed as a draft, like most of posts usually do.

I AM MALALA (2012)

Last night I watched the TED talk of Malala's father. Yes,  the girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban for advocating for education for girls in Pakistan. What an inspiration. I realize there are other view points on the issue. However,  the point is they were doing good work before the NYTimes documentary and before all the international attention. Unfortunately the same hype has helped them,  keeping the story alive,  western whatever regardless. What an amazing father. Especially his closing line. Such an inspiration for parents in general and good practices of how to teach your children to stand up for what is right.


My most recent obsession was the journey of a neurosurgeon that died at 36 years old. I googled everything there was about him, and pre-ordered his book from Amazon on an impulse. I knew it was a bit extravagant, given my current need to be financially responsible. But what the heck. This was about meaning and life. So. "When Breath Becomes Air" by Paul Kalinithi became my book #2 for my 2016 personal reading challenge. Please do check it out if you have time. Totally worth it. He died in the middle of it, so his wife finished it. Beautiful story, amazing thoughts and truly a loss to science and humanity...I wish more doctors were like him, insightful enough to understand the nature of the Doctor/patient relationship. Scratch that, I wish the world could focus on being kinder to each other, period.


A thoughtful gift from a friend over the holidays, I did end up reading this in one go. I always consider that a sign. It is about slave repatriations, and just a story about two women from very different times. I liked it a lot.


Finally got around to reading this. Have a few more books to finish.

Books in Progress : The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden,  The Historian, Reading Lolita in Tehran, The Tiger's Wife

I think I might keep coming back to this when I have time. 

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