Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Snail Mail, a sign of love.

Before e-mail and whatsapp came along, there was snail mail. It wasn't instant or easy to do. It required planning and  time and well, patience. It took a considerable amount of effort to go to the post office. Wait in line. Why, it was even expensive.

But no one can deny that it was special.

Judging from a conversation I just had with one of my most oldest bestest friend, we both agreed that snail mail IS still very very special. The fact that we share this same sentiment, inspired this blogpost and the resolution to make more of an effort to send out snail mail. Funny we use all sorts of instant messengers to communicate to each other that, in fact Snail Mail was still alive and we have to do something about it. We've both made resolutions to do it as often as possible, and this is hoping that you do, too.

I realize that, it's one of those things. My friend suggested we were perhaps the only two people who still considered snail mail to be special. I disagreed. I believe it's not any different to most other things in life - where people love receiving them, but very rarely go out of the way to send them. What makes us different, perhaps, is the fact we may actually receive some satisfaction and joy in sending them, as much as we love receiving them. What do they say about that joy of giving...well what better example than a visit to the post office!

Either way, we cannot let snail mail become extinct. Already when the postal services are struggling to survive in most countries, it is a time we really can actively participate in reviving the art of letter writing and post card sending. I read the telegram was, i'm not sure how to put it exactly, pulled out of business/ killed? a couple of weeks ago...How sad. It sort of gave me a sense of impending doom. Not that I ever used it, and I can really see how that might have happened, functionally telegrams can be insignificant.

Snail mail though...if for nothing else, for the symbol of love and care and thoughtfulness it stands for, I do hope we continue to use it, and share it. Because in this day and age of instant gratification and consumerism, it's becoming pretty hard to show love. And snail mail, will always be a sign of just that to me, a sign of love.

A project to save the postal service in the US was called Snail Mail My Email - check it out.