Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Case of the Lunu Kenda

The Mister has been sick. 

It started with a text message lamenting the fact he was slowly dying. Then as the day increased his lamentations of impending doom grew and I ended up going home early just to spend a few hours more attending to him.

It is curious how the common cold affects us all in different ways. Dare I say,  it is a well known fact the common cold affects each particular gender even differently. Our male counterparts feel the wrath of the angry cold,  debilitating any normal functions and leaving them helpless and almost childlike. However the female individual,  struck by the same bug will be able to withstand the worst and continue along their daily routine simply because if they do not cook,  no one will. I had firmly resolved to ensure this phenomenon truly ended with the generation of our parents.

And yet,  I find my stone cold heat melting at the sight of the individual with a fever pitifully lying on the bed after requesting very spicy chips (claiming to be the only food he can consume and contemplating throwing up). 

So ensues my Wednesday evening after work,  multiple grocery shopping,  and hours of checking the stove for the first attempt at a lunu kenda. The recipe I checked did not state there was a portion of salt,  which I assumed to naturally mean the portion was irrelevant. Lunu kenda. Hello! So of course after hours and hours of worrying the new brown rice was a flop,  the kenda almost turned out. Except for one tiny flaw. The lunu tasted like sea water salt kenda.

Just goes to show, there is, I'm sure something greatly significant in this - to our lives and an even greater lesson to be learned. Years from now,  I'm sure I'll figure out what exactly that is. Until then,  I for one have resolved to definitely go easy on the salt.


  1. Oh man. I first learned to make lunu kenda when Chatura's father was sick. Never quite got the hang of it. Ended up making some kind of pudgy rice. Now I am better at it. It takes practice perhaps? With amma's sickness, I've learned to make sooduru kenda, and bedi haal kenda. Good for tummy upsets it seems. Who knew. An aunt came over and was displaying shock that I did not know how to make these types of kenda so I told her very politely and a tad too cheerfully, that no I did not know but could she please make them to show me? :D And she walked right into it. ha. :D But I learned. So you know. :)

    1. It is good to know I am not alone. Also, perhaps future blogposts to share so I can learn sooduru kenda and bedi haal kenda too? :D


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