Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mocha Cup Reflections

I stare deeply in to the premonition like reflection in my Thursday morning coffee/chocolate mocha and pretend it is really tea. I am aware, almost guiltily how impatiently I anticipate Fridays. Too eager to welcome the weekend.

Probably why I am always disappointed when the weekend ends, and it was full of chores and empty nothingness. Oh well, need to have a talk with myself about low expectations. 

Sri Lanka is winning the match - lots of rathinchchnya tonight.

Coffee creamer,  between you and me tastes like crap. Nothing like some good old kiri piti. Maybe it's healthier. Who knows, inevitable old age and time will eventually be the judge. I hope either way,  70 year old me doesn't feel too bad when I'm taking all those pills.

My black and white stray cat is happily feeding away. He seems to enjoy tuna the most. I call him he but he could very well be a she for all I care. Maybe I should call him/her IT instead. A smart one, that.

I forget what this post was going to be about. 


  1. Already regretting the end of the weekend.........

    1. That's the good thing about weekends, they're always coming back! Just like Mondays. Sigh.

  2. Is that a gold leaf pattern on the coffee? Stick to tea I say. Even the posh chais are better than no chai.

    1. Yes! It's the reflection from the ceiling of the building. I thought it was quite clever of me to strategically place it there. Chai tea. Which reminds me..of something I wanted to get to you. Eventually.


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