Sunday, November 22, 2009

How to make Sri Lankan Kottu

It's the same as the elawalu rotti recipe, except for the fact you don't make it in to the bun like part - make the rotya and cut it in to pieces. The trick to keeping it moist, I've been told, is to add pol kiri/ parippu or anything with coconut milk in to it. I promise it isn't as amazing as the kadey kottu, BUT. Pretty close. Pretty clean. And the satisfaction of having made it yourself? Priceless.



  1. Dearest B.I, Very very impressive. And those Elawalu rotti looks delicious. I was just going to ask you how you made them when I saw the post. Maybe I'll make them for dinner tonight.. Thanks B.I..

  2. ahh! i'd be very excited to see pics of your kottu guys can actually just take a walk and buy it off any kadey ne..sigh.. but there is a certain excitement in making it too. It's SO EASY!!! Try it!! :) Let me know how it turns out..

  3. Oh......... I feel hungry.....
    superb pictures..

  4. you can make it at home! :) just piti and wathura!


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