Sunday, November 22, 2009

How to make Elawalu Rotti

Home away from home, this is a simple (yet messy) recipe that has helped keep the homesickness away - and allows bragging rights to most Sri Lankans back home *grin*

Here goes - You mix piti (flour) and water in to a nice, unsticky ball. You can decide how much water and piti you need, I played it by ear. Add a teaspoon of butter, helps to make it smooth and unsticky. Make them in to nice round 'guli' a little smaller than a tennis ball. Leave them in vegetable oil overnight if possible, or 20/30 minutes will do. 

Make your own potatoe/ onion/ fish/ chicken/ meat/ sausage whatever filling you like separately. Then take the piti guli you left overnight and smooth it out best you can without tearing it...think of a godamba rotiya or a handkerchief ;) I used my fingers.

Put the potatoe filling inside and you know what to do. Try to imagine the size and shape of an elawalu rotiya :) Then fry it.

Warning: for some reason you can only try this once with each 'guliya', if there are too many holes, just deal with it since you cannot put it back in the oil, it doesn't work again, it's not like clay!

The more you make, the more you will get better at it. Pretty easy..make sure you fry the edges too.

Enjoy! Don't forget some ketchup/ sauce with it. Better if it's Sri Lankan 'tomato ketchup' :)

It's hard to describe the feeling of awe when I discover that home is really where the food is.

Haha, I kid myself here a bit. But if I can't have the people, then at least the same food does give me some sort of satisfaction.

This 'particular elawalu rottiya had potatoe and turkey pepperoni inside.



  1. Good..good...u r like an online chef ne.....its mouth watering darls..once u come back u have to cook these for us ok??? So keep on practicing...cos that will make it perfect..

  2. he he....
    I do feel watering inside my mouth..
    I think its easier to explain if you add a video.

    I will try and give you the progress report soon... seems to be easier..

  3. haha. Try it, it's easy as long as you know what godamba rotti and elawalu rotti are. Hard to explain to someone who's never had it before! :)

  4. මල්ලී මම අද එළවළු රොටි හැදුවෝ....
    හෙ හේ මට හෙන හැපි.. ඔයාට බොහොම ස්තූතියි...
    මමම මේ වගේ කෑමක් හදපු පළවෙනි වතාව...
    අම්මා කතාකරපු වෙලාවෙත් කිව්වා, මම දැන් එළවළු රොටි හදනවා, ගෙදර ආවම හදලා දෙන්නම් කියලා.. එයා අහනවා, ඉගෙන ගත්තේ කොහොමද කියලා... මම ඉතිං ඔයාගේ බ්ලොග් එක ගැන හෙන වර්නනාවක් දුන්නා.. මම කිව්වා, වැරදිලා ගියොත් කොත්තු කඩේක වැඩට යන්න උනත් දැන් මට පුළුවන් කියලා.... හෙ හේ...

    අනේ මල්ලී, තව කෑම ජාති දාන්නකෝ, හැබැයි ලේසියෙන් හදන්න පුළුවන් වෙන...
    මගේ එළවළු රොටි ටික නම් මරේ මරු... ඔක්කොම ටික තනියම දීලා ඇද්දා.. දැන් ඉස්මුරුත්තාව වගේ... අම්මෝ.....

  5. I was really happy to see you made it PIssa. It shows i can explain things and it wasn't too bad. I will try to put some more posts up of food I make, but it's all invented, nothing real. That's the problem ;) Only kottu was the normal way of making something. hehe.

    Hope you get to make kottu for your amma. She'll be so happy! Lankawey minissunta kottu haduwama magic wagey..especially my parents and friends. They are so used to buying it whenever they want so they take it for granted.

  6. This worked! Tried my self :) Love it!


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