Saturday, November 14, 2015

I know FB profile colors do nothing. Thank you.

I disagree with the view, when one group of people (the french, in this case), are going through an awful experience, turning around and saying, well what about Beirut, Iraq, how come there was no outpouring of grief, huh? huh? While this is true, pointless. Yes, the media is biased in their reporting. No, we have not forgotten what Sri Lankans have endured for years, alone.

But does this mean, the French do not deserve our thoughts in this moment?...I am saddened to read and see these events, and find myself fearing the aftermath of these attacks. Intelligent people fall in to a trance, seeking revenge, to teach them a lesson. The wrath of the West. Over and over again, the recent past has seen this happen.

Who will "they" react against, exactly?

Barbaric acts against civilians anywhere in the world, simply perpetuate an irrational, emotional reaction that spreads more hate, more islamaphobia, even more anti-immigrant sentiment and ignorance. They mask the real issues, and this cycle will continue.I fear for my friends who are peaceful muslims, everywhere in the world. I fear for refugees who flee this type of violence from their daily lives. I fear for immigrants, people who look different.

However, in this moment, solidarity, no matter how fleeting is welcome, and heartwarming, especially in these moments of uncertainty and chaos. I am saddened by this act of violence. Act of horror. Responses that will not make it better, but invite more attacks by an ignorant group of people.

It continues.

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